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Frequently asked questions

You give away all of your harvests? Really?

Yes. Our foundation operates a highly productive 350-acre farm, where we grow top-quality organic vegetables, meat and eggs—and we donate everything we grow to local communities in need. Last year alone we donated over one million servings of delicious, nutritious food. 

What is your founding philosophy?

We believe that food is a basic human right—and that nutritious food must be available to everyone, not only the wealthy. We know that people facing great hardship need great food, and we’re here to provide it. 

Do you donate seconds or surplus?

No. Everything on our farm is custom-grown for our non-profit partners. We only donate top-quality product, as if it’s going to a high-end restaurant—but free of charge. 

Can I buy any of your farm’s harvests?

No, we donate everything we grow to people in need.

Where does your food go?

We donate all of our harvests to Philadelphia-area soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters and hospitals. We work closely with each partner: we plant what they need most, receive orders from them weekly, pick and pack based on those orders, and deliver to them directly—free of charge. Each spring we also donate custom-grown organic seedlings to mission-driven urban farms. Click here to learn about the non-profits we support.

You’re a foundation. Why not just give money?

Our founders have supported soup kitchens their whole lives, as both volunteers and as funders. They decided to do even more, and founded our philanthropic farm, providing essential foods of greatest need. Click to read the full story.

How are you funded?

We’re a 501c3 non-profit private foundation. While we’re primarily funded by our philanthropic founders—who cover all overhead, salaries and infrastructure—we also receive a mix of corporate and individual support. With your help we can grow even more. Click here to make a donation.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! We welcome volunteers at the farm to pack eggs, weed carrots, pick sweet potatoes, wash lettuce, and otherwise help us grow even more food to give away. Click here to learn about volunteering with us.

Is the farm open to the public?

No, our farm is not open to the public—but we do welcome volunteers! We also welcome a limited number of therapeutic and educational tours each year, details here. Sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest work and learn about future ways to engage with us!

Why is your farm certified organic?

We believe that serving with dignity means providing the same high-quality foods enjoyed by people who can afford the best. Although we do not charge, we grow to those same standards—of nutrition and flavor, and of ecology and animal welfare, for the benefit of soils, waters and wildlife, as well as for the people who will eat the food we grow. 

Are you hiring?

We employ a mix of seasonal and full-time farmers, and our crew grows to about twenty for peak season each year. While we primarily hire in the winter, we’re always looking for dedicated folks to join our team. Click here to see listings and submit an application.

Do you donate food 12 months a year?

Yes! While our peak harvest season is June through November, we’ve built out the infrastructure to feed people year-round. We use season-extension farming practices to provide fresh foods every week of the year, including stored fresh carrots and potatoes, high-tunnel-grown fresh greens, flash-frozen meats, and a warm winter barn for our egg-laying hens, enabling us to donate nourishing harvests all year long, even when our fields fill with snow.

I operate a soup kitchen or food pantry. Could my non-profit receive food from you?

While demand for fresh harvests is greater than our supply, you can read more here about how to apply to receive our donations.

Can my school group come visit the farm?

We welcome a limited number of educational visits each year. Contact us to learn more.